Monday, February 25, 2008

Back from long business trip and look! Cocoa swap box!

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I recently returned from a very long business trip - hence no posts since late January! Well, upon my return, look what I found! Some awesome gifts from my secret pal! How wonderful is this??? She sent me the most decadent Dove bars (I ate one so one is missing - oops!), a GORGEOUS cocoa colored mug - its just the perfect size and weight. She also sent me a tape measure - needed one! The most decadent dark chocolate marshmallows - simply divine! And you should see the adorable stitch markers - they are handmade, came in a lovely little burgandy organza drawstring bag, and the most fun yarn! Its fuzzy and mulit colored - gorgeous! What you don't see is some pretty little crystal heart votives and a the most adorable little fuzzy valentine's day guy! My daughter has confiscated and won't give it back! Thank you so very much Secret Pal - you are simply AWESOME!!! She did such an amazing job and was so thoughful! You really did a wonderful job and I thank you so sincerely! It was such a welcome surprise when I came back from out of town! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

I've been a little busy....realizing my dream since I was 14!!

My dear sister got me into see my absolute idol from when I was 14 years old - bck in 1984 - and for those of you who were teenagers in the 80's - this group of fabulous boys from England were so hot you had to say their name twice.....who is it you say? DURAN DURAN! Yes - I'm a groupie and for an hour and a half the other day, I was 14 again. No kids, no long and committed relationship, no stressful job, no bills to pay, and no college funds to save up for.....just me, my older sister, and I swear - I could feel my hair perk up - wanting to be BIG again! Even though I KNOW there is a hole in the ozone layer with my name on it from all the AQUANET I used in the 80's - big hair, big earrings, big shoulder pads, and skinny jeans - it all came back to me as I sat FOUR FEET away from my teenage crush - Simon LeBon. *SWOON* This took place at a local oceanfront restaurant, 40-50 other women just like me, all us realizing a DREAM. Nick Rhodes was also there - there were promoting an upcoming tour and recently released new album. How neat. Sigh. How divine. Sigh. I remember when I went to their concert - I was so far back I couldn't really see them at all performing - but I remember just thinking I couldn't believe I was actually in the same room with Simon LeBon! Fast forward 24 years later (OMG, Am I really that old? really?) and I'm freakin' FOUR FEET away from Simon LeBon! All I was thinking was, I'm actually in the same room as Duran Duran. Are they really sitting right there talking? Did he just look at me? OMG. Do you think I could actually TOUCH him? Uhhh huh. Oh yeah. Not only touch but actually TALK to them - and not like you talk to your computer - they actually heard you and TALKED BACK. OMG. I was SUCH a girl. SUCH a 14 year old girl.....and it was (in my best valley girl accent) Oh Ma Gawd - it was like totally awesome!!

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