Thursday, September 08, 2011

Gosh, what a slacker!

I can't believe its been this long without my posting anything - I'm such a slacker!! Gettting back from CA Sunday near midnight and turning right around and leaving for NJ at 8am the next morning plus jet lag really threw me for a loop. I had so much to catch up on at the new job after being gone for a week, plus lost time and work piling up from being in NJ on business. Not to mention that I needed to train for my half marathon last weekend AND my master's program semester ended 8/31. Whew - its was NUTS. Oh yeah, and an earthquake and a hurricane that hit us directly here in Va Beach. I swear - did the rapture really happen and we're all just still left here? But we didn't realize it before now? What's next? Locusts? Sheesh. Makes me all nervous about 12/21/12 know, the end of the world and all.

Well, I did catch up on work, our house survived and I did complete the half marathon! woot! It was great but I was slow. At least I really did run the whole thing which was my goal. I'm going to work on getting faster next. Right after my toenails fall off. Seriously. I think my toenails are going to fall off again, like the did the last time I walked the half marathon 2 years ago. My toenails hurt so much still that I just know its going to happen and it totally sucks. I bought the right shoes and everything - I think I didn't tie them tight enough so my foot wouldn't slide forward. They were a full size larger than I normally wear - just so this wouldn't happen. I also had my shoes professionally fitted - so this wouldn't happen. Oh well! At least its not Summer and my toes will be hidden most of the winter. Last time it took a full year - 12 complete months - for my big toe to grow back and look the normal length again. I'm going to get this shirt:

I am registered for a 10K in October and another half in the Outer Banks (yep the place that was nearly washed away from Irene) in November.
Hope all of you are doing GREAT! I miss everyone!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

One month left in the summer? really?

The summer is flying by. I've only been to beach a few times, one time to the water park, a few times to Busch Gardens. I had so many plans for this summer. I have been doing a good job with my time - taking days off to spend with the kids and working in the evening as well. It is so very nice to have flexibility in job to go in whenever I want. Stress at work is lower than its been in a while - regardless of the looming fact that we could be closed and laid off at anytime. I'm contemplating getting masters since work would pay for it - so that I have to put on my resume in the event I am laid off. I'm not even sure a Master's degree would make that much of a difference, really. If I could use the degree to learn how to run my own business, now that would be a different story. Anyway - back to summer - I turned 40, DH turned 40. I've been traveling a lot for fun and not at all for work. Been to some amazing concerts and had some amazing experiences with all the traveling. No complaints, its been quite an awesome year so far. Now its time to plan for travel for the family. I'd like to go to Legoland in CA and Disney World in FL. We also still have Busch Garden's tickets to use.
We've been getting a ton of stuff done around the house. Since Lainey is bigger we actually have 20 mins or so at a time that might be uninterrupted or when she's actually not destroying something or putting herself in danger or running down the street. We still have a lot on the list to go - but I know we'll get a lot more done in the weekends to come! Its been very motivating!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is it really the middle of Summer?

Alana had her first birthday already! wow - I can't believe it. My sister celebrated it with her when the family visited Virginia last month. Lainey really had a wonderful time and really enjoyed dressing up as a fairy!

Weather has been beautiful and we've been getting a lot done around the house and having a lot of fun. Mr. Cupcakes and I planned to make a special effort to be sure we planned fun time with the kids this summer and not just worked on projects all summer long. In fact Mr. C is at Kings Dominion right now - on a weekday - with Will. They've been texting me pictures all day long of all the roller coasters they've been on today. Will is having a great summer so far.

Lainey is swimming well in the pool, she's willing to go underwater on her own, holding her breath. She's not afraid anymore - so the next step is to add swimming and she'll be done!

Monday, December 08, 2008

OMG - my favorite knitting needles ever...

There really is a Santa Claus - because who else would have these available in December!!??!! Way cool. Way expensive, but way cool. hmmm - if you bought addi's at $12-$14 each, well then they'd pay for themselves after 10 purchases....oh so many ways to jusify the cost. *sigh*

We took the kids to Hunt Club Forest - it was a great time - they had a live nativity scene including a real camel! They had bonfires where you could roast hot dogs or s'mores. Santa Claus was there, there was a fully lit up with xmas lights petting zoo, play area, and an all new Christmas barn full of animated stuffed animals in a complete winter scene. It really was magical!

They also had this really cool maze of lights that, as you can see, Will enjoyed running through at top speeds and trying to get to the big christmas tree in the center and then find his way back out again. He has so much fun!

Lainey's Lily Pie birthday tracker

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