Sunday, December 30, 2007

Something really different - roving appliqued sweaters!

I came across this site through ravelry and think this is just such a neat and unique idea. If it isn't unique - I've never seen it before - and I think its a neat idea for knitting. Not sure if you could do this on handknit sweaters that aren't felted. Artist Sara Rosensweet uses vintage adult sweaters and then cuts them up and makes them into children's sweaters. She was featured on Martha Stewart and this link is a video of her segment on Martha. A good thing indeed...she also has a shop on Etsy.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Candy Cane striped knitted cap!

DSC_0535, originally uploaded by RhondaMHC.

I finished the candy cane striped knitted cap - pattern is from Susan B Anderson's itty bitty hats. It was a pretty quick knit and he striping was easy. I did adjust the pattern just a bit and tried to make the end of the hat longer and less skinny. As other people have said, the funny part is that the end of the cap stands up on end. I'm sure once I put the tassle on the end (I hate making pom-pom's) it will droop and look like a 'stocking' cap. I used Fantasy Dark Horse yarns worsted weight in red and cream. I really like this yarn - its a new favorite - although I've learned NEVER to steam it - it relaxed way too much and becomes lifeless and limp. This yarn is so soft and colors are great. The price is even better - 205 yards for $3-$5 per skein. I've not noticed any pilling and I sure hope the colors in this don't bleed. I'll let you know! What is the best knit wash you've used? Eucalan? Want a free sample of Eucalan to try out? Follow this link to the manufacturer's website for a free sample:

Meanwhile, I've been enjoying my German smokers. No its not some gnome with a bad habit - I bought these on a trip to Germany and just love them. I didn't knit back then, but check out the little knitting lady sitting beside her German husband who is reading the paper. You put a little insence cone in them and scented incense smoke comes out of her coffee cup and smoke comes out of his mouth - as if he's smoking his pipe. I only take these out at Christmas but I sure do love them for some reason. I bought one for every family member - mostly they're Santas - but they have a whole slew of them in different characters. This one is mine. I also have a chimney with the buns cooking in the oven while a cat warms himself and watches over. Too cute. I took a few pics of them actually 'smoking' - you have to look close.

You have to see this one - the girl isn't that attractive - but who cares - its funny just the same!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Sweater making madness

Saw this link on Ravelry - and this is hilarious. Not to mention the music is very moderno kitchy! Just create new holiday sweaters to your hearts content! Its a marketing company's site that boasts - we love holiday sweaters! You can make up as tacky a holiday sweater as you wish - its awesome! (And I really did like the music - LOL!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Puppy madness

DSC_0422, originally uploaded by RhondaMHC.

We got Will a puppy. He's been wanting a hot dog dog for some time now and a girl at work couldn't keep him so we got him. His name is "Luke" as in "Luuuuuke, I am your faaather" I call him Luke Duke b/c dookey is what he seems to do a lot. I'm just not used to a dog - never having had one. He is very sweet and definitely a lap dog. Lainey likes to pick him up by his head only which is scary. She just doesn't understand he's not a stuffed animal.....anyway just wanted to show a picture of him.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Family Pictures - Winter 2007

First, we got elf'ed. Take a look.
Here's my first time trying to upload a video! Blogger makes it pretty simple, really. I've been using this site to learn more about editing my blog. I have a lot of work to do! We took these pictures about 4 weeks ago. It was very warm here in Va Beach - in the 70's and 80's around Thanksgiving. The wind was blowing so hard our hair was very windblown and is why you see all the squinting....I'm also trying to enjoy a nice cup of coffee which never seems to work out. My goals are simple these days, try to finish a single cup of coffee without a kid crying, wanting to be picked up or a bigger kid trying to interrupt me. Its become somewhat of a joke - upon interruption (puppy, baby, kid, husband) I just point to the partially filled cold coffee in my cup after the issue/episode/poopy diaper is resolved.....Here's a cup of coffee that I'm dreaming of finishing. I like to get up at 5 or 6 am, when everyone is sleeping so I can make a perfect mug of coffee perfection and enjoy it looking out on the lake as the sun rises. I light candles and just sit for a minute. Its the only time I get to sit down and its so dark outside I can't see the piles of toys, dust, clothes, etc. around me. Its just me, the couch, and the coffee......sweeet!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

veerrry scary baby.....forgot to show this at Halloween.
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Coconut Cupcake Hat

DSC_0354, originally uploaded by RhondaMHC.

This is a hat I experimented with last year. My sister Marcie (check out her blog at knittinggrobanite) gave me the yarn on top that looks like coconut frosting. I used debbie bliss baby cashmerino for the bottom. Also check out the way cool Hot Cocoa (oxymoron I know!) swap! I'm hoping Marcie will join it with me - although she probably doesn't get very cold in Sunny California.

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