Thursday, September 08, 2011

Gosh, what a slacker!

I can't believe its been this long without my posting anything - I'm such a slacker!! Gettting back from CA Sunday near midnight and turning right around and leaving for NJ at 8am the next morning plus jet lag really threw me for a loop. I had so much to catch up on at the new job after being gone for a week, plus lost time and work piling up from being in NJ on business. Not to mention that I needed to train for my half marathon last weekend AND my master's program semester ended 8/31. Whew - its was NUTS. Oh yeah, and an earthquake and a hurricane that hit us directly here in Va Beach. I swear - did the rapture really happen and we're all just still left here? But we didn't realize it before now? What's next? Locusts? Sheesh. Makes me all nervous about 12/21/12 know, the end of the world and all.

Well, I did catch up on work, our house survived and I did complete the half marathon! woot! It was great but I was slow. At least I really did run the whole thing which was my goal. I'm going to work on getting faster next. Right after my toenails fall off. Seriously. I think my toenails are going to fall off again, like the did the last time I walked the half marathon 2 years ago. My toenails hurt so much still that I just know its going to happen and it totally sucks. I bought the right shoes and everything - I think I didn't tie them tight enough so my foot wouldn't slide forward. They were a full size larger than I normally wear - just so this wouldn't happen. I also had my shoes professionally fitted - so this wouldn't happen. Oh well! At least its not Summer and my toes will be hidden most of the winter. Last time it took a full year - 12 complete months - for my big toe to grow back and look the normal length again. I'm going to get this shirt:

I am registered for a 10K in October and another half in the Outer Banks (yep the place that was nearly washed away from Irene) in November.
Hope all of you are doing GREAT! I miss everyone!

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