Sunday, November 23, 2008

The sweetest thing...

I was looking around Ravelry and found this guy who knit the most beautiful blanket for his mom. I'd been wanting to make a wedding blanket for someone I know that had some celtic cables - and I came across this. He actually videotaped his mom recieving the blanket for her 50th birthday. For those of us who knit, making something like this would take hours and hours over months and months. Its just - well - the sweetest thing! The priceless part is how proud he is to give something so meaningful to his mom. Gush!

Pretty and Simple

Saw this on Elann today - I really like how this looks and would make some nice and quick Christmas gifts. I also pulled it up on Ravelry - I see that the ScottishLamb has made one. Hers is the featured photo - very nice! I've followed her blog for a few years now - I started reading it b/c she and her family were stationed in Germany - and I just loved that place as many people know when my husband and I visited there 7 yrs ago. Anyway - check it out and I'd love to hear if anyone else had made this !

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting cold outside!

It sure is getting cold outside! It actually flurried just a bit the other morning - Lainey's first ever time seeing snow. I am busy cleaning the house and logging 'inventory' - making lists of the things I've bought and for whom so that I don't overspend! I'm going to be using Google documents - in addition to the shared calendar - we're using to track the kids' practices, boy scout meetings, races, etc. If we track our Xmas expenses - i'm thinking we'll spend a lot less this year!

I'm also making lists of holiday crafts I want to make. Going to Michael's today to get some felt to make felt gingerbread men and pre-tend cookies to decorate the tree whenever we get it. I found this site - It has great crafts and links to crafts that are great for the kids during the holidays.

Lainey's Lily Pie birthday tracker

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