Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting cold outside!

It sure is getting cold outside! It actually flurried just a bit the other morning - Lainey's first ever time seeing snow. I am busy cleaning the house and logging 'inventory' - making lists of the things I've bought and for whom so that I don't overspend! I'm going to be using Google documents - in addition to the shared calendar - we're using to track the kids' practices, boy scout meetings, races, etc. If we track our Xmas expenses - i'm thinking we'll spend a lot less this year!

I'm also making lists of holiday crafts I want to make. Going to Michael's today to get some felt to make felt gingerbread men and pre-tend cookies to decorate the tree whenever we get it. I found this site - It has great crafts and links to crafts that are great for the kids during the holidays.

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