Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is it really the middle of Summer?

Alana had her first birthday already! wow - I can't believe it. My sister celebrated it with her when the family visited Virginia last month. Lainey really had a wonderful time and really enjoyed dressing up as a fairy!

Weather has been beautiful and we've been getting a lot done around the house and having a lot of fun. Mr. Cupcakes and I planned to make a special effort to be sure we planned fun time with the kids this summer and not just worked on projects all summer long. In fact Mr. C is at Kings Dominion right now - on a weekday - with Will. They've been texting me pictures all day long of all the roller coasters they've been on today. Will is having a great summer so far.

Lainey is swimming well in the pool, she's willing to go underwater on her own, holding her breath. She's not afraid anymore - so the next step is to add swimming and she'll be done!

Lainey's Lily Pie birthday tracker

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