Saturday, December 08, 2007

Coconut Cupcake Hat

DSC_0354, originally uploaded by RhondaMHC.

This is a hat I experimented with last year. My sister Marcie (check out her blog at knittinggrobanite) gave me the yarn on top that looks like coconut frosting. I used debbie bliss baby cashmerino for the bottom. Also check out the way cool Hot Cocoa (oxymoron I know!) swap! I'm hoping Marcie will join it with me - although she probably doesn't get very cold in Sunny California.


sam said...

oh please tell me the name of the yarn that was used for the top of the hat and if you know where to purchase it. I have seen similar yarn which comes from Canada and since I am not a store, they wont sell it to me and I cant find anyone who has it. Thanks so much.

rhonda said...

Sam - I tried to email you but can't - hope you find this comment. My sister bought it in CA and gave a small bit to me. She can't remember the name as it was a left over of hers. I wish I could find it too! I'm sorry I'm not much help. But if I do find it I'll be sure to post it on my blog!

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