Monday, December 08, 2008

OMG - my favorite knitting needles ever...

There really is a Santa Claus - because who else would have these available in December!!??!! Way cool. Way expensive, but way cool. hmmm - if you bought addi's at $12-$14 each, well then they'd pay for themselves after 10 purchases....oh so many ways to jusify the cost. *sigh*

We took the kids to Hunt Club Forest - it was a great time - they had a live nativity scene including a real camel! They had bonfires where you could roast hot dogs or s'mores. Santa Claus was there, there was a fully lit up with xmas lights petting zoo, play area, and an all new Christmas barn full of animated stuffed animals in a complete winter scene. It really was magical!

They also had this really cool maze of lights that, as you can see, Will enjoyed running through at top speeds and trying to get to the big christmas tree in the center and then find his way back out again. He has so much fun!

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