Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Life in Minature or Farts and Craps

I decided to do Arts and Crafts (or 'Farts and Craps' as Will likes to call it) with Will for a little fun. So I gave polymer clay a try. Its really very easy and rather addictive. We'll be making some christmas presents and spending time making stuff up. Will made sharks, squid, the Loch Ness Monster and other interesting stuff. I decided to make mugs of hot chocolate, coffee, and a cake. Here are some pictures of some of the items. I want to make more b/c its really pretty easy. The neat part is you just cook it at 275° for 15 mins and it completely cures it! Also, the clay doesn't air dry, its stays malleable for days. I want to give liquid polymer a try - there are some cool effects that can be done with liquid clay. Anyway - give it a try - here are some of our results. *PS - the wires are head pins that I will bake in the clay so I can turn them into beads for knitting stitch markers or bracelets or whatever....

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moosie said...

omg I can't stop laughing about farts and crap...hilarious.. I'm am super impressed with your clay skills! go girl! maybe one day I'll update my crafty blog, having a baby sure does make it hard to do things for yourself, but its all about her right now so its okay! btw I only have like 4 inches left on the sleeve of the sweater I knit for Lainey, maybe I can finish it for this Christmas.. so embarrassed. It was pretty big on her last Christmas so maybe it will fit perfectly this year... maybe I'll just live vicariously through your crafts for now :0)

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