Saturday, August 01, 2009

One month left in the summer? really?

The summer is flying by. I've only been to beach a few times, one time to the water park, a few times to Busch Gardens. I had so many plans for this summer. I have been doing a good job with my time - taking days off to spend with the kids and working in the evening as well. It is so very nice to have flexibility in job to go in whenever I want. Stress at work is lower than its been in a while - regardless of the looming fact that we could be closed and laid off at anytime. I'm contemplating getting masters since work would pay for it - so that I have to put on my resume in the event I am laid off. I'm not even sure a Master's degree would make that much of a difference, really. If I could use the degree to learn how to run my own business, now that would be a different story. Anyway - back to summer - I turned 40, DH turned 40. I've been traveling a lot for fun and not at all for work. Been to some amazing concerts and had some amazing experiences with all the traveling. No complaints, its been quite an awesome year so far. Now its time to plan for travel for the family. I'd like to go to Legoland in CA and Disney World in FL. We also still have Busch Garden's tickets to use.
We've been getting a ton of stuff done around the house. Since Lainey is bigger we actually have 20 mins or so at a time that might be uninterrupted or when she's actually not destroying something or putting herself in danger or running down the street. We still have a lot on the list to go - but I know we'll get a lot more done in the weekends to come! Its been very motivating!

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