Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pictures and more pictures

This is Will at his 6th birthday party - as Darth Vader (it's the helmet of the pinata of Mr. Vader the kids had just bust open)

And this is Lainey - look at those eyelashes and cheeks! Clearly gets her great looks from her momma!

I am looking at ways to store all of my digital pictures and am amazed at the varying amount of different expert opinions regarding how to best store them. You see, I'm a bit nervous because I have so many of my pictures in electronic format vs. printed out. I understand that CD's last only about 5 years so multiple back ups are recommended. I'm researching paying for storage though Kodak Gallery in which you can pay annually for multiple server back ups. Anyway, here's some new pictures of Will & Lainey! Now I've got to go back the files up.....

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