Monday, November 05, 2007

The Birthday Girl who loved cake

DSC_0159, originally uploaded by RhondaMHC.

This is Lainey after she rubbed her birthday cake into her belly button, her nose, her mouth, her ears and her hair. She loved it and did what I only wish I could do with my birthday cake! We had a great first birthday! We also enjoyed my mom's birthday - we celebrated it on the same day - hers is a few days earlier. Here's a couple of pics of grandma and mom in the Limo, a pic of Aunt Marcie (so glad she flew in to see everyone! We loved having her here and the kids miss her still!) and well I'll throw in a few of the lushes! *Note - there is no evidence of any alcoholic impropriety on my part!* cuz I'm smart like that! No pictures means it didn't happen!

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