Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cupcake ice cream cones (say THAT fast!)

So this is the Nordic ware cupcake pan I bought from Willams-Sonoma at Christmas. I know many people make cupcakes right in the cone itself -but I thouht this would be really cool. Well, it is and it isn't. I wasnt sure how much to fill the pan with batter - I used pinapple supreme! Yum! Notice the lovely mounding on top? Perfect shape for icing just like a real ice cream cone, no? No.

Just in case you wanted to see what the inside of the pan looked like - to get the 3D idea of the cone shape it makes.

So I popped 'em out. Perfect. Well, not so.....they're TOP HEAVY. ugh! so as you can see, I had to CUT OFF the lovely roundness perfect for icing just like a real ice cream cone. Also, notice the extra cupcakes on the side. A box of duncan hines cake mix made enough to fill (overfill I realized now) the pan mold and have enough left for 4 traditional cupcakes.

Et Voila! Ze perfect ice cream cone cup-a-cake-ah, no? Well, actually no again. Its still so freakin frackin top heavy guess what happened after I took this picture? (oh and notice the back up cupcake in the background - that little worker cupcake is holding up the star of the show there!)

The cake is so heavy (read - deliciously moist) that it can't stand up!?! An ice cream cone you can't stand up! Grrr. My dear husband, always supportive replied, well maybe you're just supposed to hold them........its honestly too much cake to eat and the proportion of frosting to cake just isn't right. Darn it!

So, here's some calorie free cupcake goodness for your viewing pleasure! mmm. Pinapple supreme cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. *oh! and replace the water in the batter with pinapple juice. wow.

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Michelle said...

See.. now that's just what I'd do.. buy a cool pan like that and be mad that the cupcakes just don't work... I"m sorry that happened.. I make my ice cream cone cupcakes in standard ice cream cones.. .they never fall over :-)

Yours look luscious, but like you said, the cupcake to icing proportion isn't right... so I'd be there with my bowl of icing adding more after I bit away the top ;-) They'll still taste great right! ;-)

Anty said...

How do you make your cream cheese frosting, so it can be piped with piping bag?
I've never been able to do that and I've thrown so much cream cheese because of it :-(

Ariella said...

Well said.

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