Sunday, January 06, 2008

Favorite Things CONTEST!

Just wanted to share I'm running a quick little contest!
I wonder sometimes who is reading this blog and I want to get to know who is! I look around a lot but I need some feedback! My comments are lonely! I also just think contests are fun so I'm really looking forward to this! The contest will run for the rest of January. On Jan 31st, I'll randomly draw one winner.

To enter, all you have to do is leave me a comment with your name - share your blog if you have one - and I'd love to know what YOUR favorite things are! Refer someone to the contest and if they mention your name in their comments, you'll get an additional entry. Now, I know I'm not Oprah, but I do like her favorite things show - simply b/c its nice to know what things are really great things! My sisters and I do a much cheaper version of this at Christmas. So do my girlfriends. We get each other very little things - stuff that costs less than $30 on average, and just just buy each other our favorite things so the others know what's a good buy, good color, good product!
For example, my sister Moosie bought all of us this:
-A handmade cosmetics bag (she made herself) great color, perfect size.
-Trader Joe's "Shave" in Honey Mango. Its shave balm (she says its great-and we don't have Trader Joe's here yet in Va Beach)
-Bisous Provance Green Tea triple milled soap also from Trader Joe's. And it does smell amazing - not so much green tea - but its reeeally nice.
My sister Shelly bought us:
-the perfect shade of burgandy red OPI nail polish for our pedicures in "an affair in red square."
-Yankee candle votive to share her favorite new Xmas scent "Red Apple Wreath."

And what was one of my favorite things this year? I bought them big 'ol hot chocolate mugs with Lindt hot chocolate and another favorite - from Target - they have a toffee almond hot chocolate that is simply the BEST I've ever had! Its seasonal, but oh my gosh, so wonderful! Some of my other favorite things this year:
1. Karabella Aurora 8 Bulky - what an awesome yarn! My favorite yarn is Karabella aurora 8, and they also make it in bulky. Took something perfect and made it bulky. Love it. I'm making this Elan wrap (free pattern) out of an lusterous charcoal grey right now...
2. I-cord maker - "Embelish-knit" was a favorite thing from my sister. Now I make i-cord trim, ties for baby hats, all kinds of things. Love it. buy one.
3. Williams Sonoma Chocolate marshmallows - I had no idea how those things handmade marshmallows melt and have that amazingly, creamy, thick, chocolate topping for your hot chocolate. simply wow. I've now learned that's only a christmas seasonal thing too. They carry vanilla and chocolate only at christmas like these.
4. Benefit Bad Gal Lash. Need I say more? right consistency, no clumping, big brush. worth the $$.
5. Benefit High Brow. This pencil is really cool. You draw a quick line under your eyebrow and you look like you have an instant eye brow lift. I bought this for my sister too and she couldn't believe it and is now in love with it too.
6. Schick Intuition. The cartridges are expensive and they go fast, but so worth it when you want a perfect shave. Seriously, my legs are never smoother than when I use this.
7. RockBand bundle/game set. We got this for my son for Christmas. Oh my gosh, what a fun family thing to do. Son is the singer, I am the drummer, dad is the guitar player. We have so much fun playing this together.
8. Need I say more - I'm obsessed and well organized there. Just can't say enough good things.

So get posting and the winner will get some of my favorite things: An EmbellishKnit I-cord maker and some yarn to go with it! Can't wait to hear what you all come up with! Please try to say where you got something if its not going to be easy to Google - ok? Cool!


blueturtleknits said...

Hi! Your site is great! So...some of my favorite things...the scent of lavender, Zum bar soaps, Blue Sky organic cotton yarns, Glove Potion No. 9 hand lotion and Shea It Ain't So foot lotion from Bath and Body Works, Yankee candles (Sage and Citrus), my fleece blanket, and Archer's Farms lemon or lime cookie straws. These are a few of my favorite things!

trashalou said...

What is about Yankee Candles? You just have to love them! My favourite scent has always been that of clean laundry and Y.C. have one that is exactly that!

As for yarn I have decided that there is very little nicer than Rowan Cashsoft. I love, love, lovetty, love it.

And Jolly Ranchers - can't get 'em in the UK anymore but still love 'em.

I followed the Blue Turtle.

Heather said...

Hi Rhonda -

I just found your site as part of the Hot Cocoa swap. My favorite things are: dark chocolate, maple, green tea scented things, soft natural yarns, a kitty on your lap, clean sheets, fresh raspberries, really good paper, and a hot bath.

I'll send some Flickr folks over to enter your contest.


Heather said...

Oooops, my art/craft blog is:

HomeMadeOriginals said...

My favorite things include:
*knitting and creating just about anything (I'm doing a project now with Fantasy from Dark Horse Yarns and I love the feel of it)
*warm brownies with french vanilla ice cream
*homemade bread
* warm sunny days
*sleeping in and then reading the Sunday paper in my jammies
*finding great things at thrift stores
P.S. I think I'd love the Embellish Knit---I love i-cord, but it is so slow to make! I notice it's out of stock at the web link you gave.


My web site is:
I'll mention your contest there.

Amy the knittin fool said...

My fav things are...

~dark chocolate expresso beans from Starbucks (its like a chocolate coffee pill that is fantastic)
~Lion Brand Homespun yarn. I love making loom knitted hat from it.
~My children
~Ravelry (just started and I love it )
~Knifty Knitter Looms
~My computer
~My church

My blog is and I'm stitchwit on Ravelry.


jennsquared said...

I found you via the hotcocoa swap as well!

I was reading your favorite thing - Schick Intuition. It is also my favorite! The best thing - I work for Schick :)

Some of my favorite things besides Schick Intuition are soft yarns, such as cashmere, yak, llama, soft cotton, and alpaca. I also like the body butters from the Body Shop and Modern Fiction by Origins. Maple leaves - love the shape and the color! Gorgeous! And my blog and Ravelry!!!!

Of course, my family - including the furry kids :)

I linked your contest in my blog also.

Robin said...

Hi, I came over from Cafe' Eclectic's (Jenn) blog...
Wow, "My Favorite Things"...that's a loaded question, are there limits to how long my comment is?
~~Knitting by the campfire
~~Spending time with my hubby, family and good friends
~~Being the first to wake up in the morning and have my cup of coffee
~~Knitting, Knitting and Knitting
Oh, with some spinning in there too!
~~The smell of the ocean
~~The sound of a stream or waterfall
~~A hike in the crisp fall air

Okay...I'll stop now, but I promise I could keep going!

My blog:
I'll be posting about your contest tomorrow!


Michelle said...

Hey there... came here while surfing the cocoaswap sites :-)

Wow.. favorite things.... My favorite bar soap is now a homemade version from a local soap maker ( luscious sudsing and scents... favorite needles, my Lanternoon moons, smooth, nice feel in the hands... lovely wooden needles. My favorite yarn.. that's an impossible question, I like nearly everything I have knit with... and my favorite coffee... dunkin donuts... everybody here in this house runs on dunkin! Favorite creamer, coconut cream! Yum! There's nothing like the smell of Hawaii first thing in the morning with my plumeria blossom soap and my coconut cream coffee!

Hope you enjoy the cocoa swap.. gotta get to target and see ifthey have any more of that cocoa left!

Firemanshunny said...

Some of my favorite things are my daughters, a perfect knitting pattern, good coffee and anything with sugar in it!!

I just found your blog from Jennsquared (

John & or Linda said...

Great site! Some of my favorite things...snooze alarms-that extra few minutes feels like such a treat!, the banana yarn from Greater Goods Network-lovely soft yarn and you're helping people at the same time, what could be better!, and my favorite drink is a Vanilla Ice from Harbor Mountain Coffee House in McAlester, Oklahoma (it's a latte with a shot of vanilla served over ice --Ice, Ice baby!)

Laurie said...
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Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

Hi, I am Laurie. I found out about your contest through the Hot Cocoa Swap. I love your site. Some of my favorite things are my hubby, my boys, our animals, baseball, knitting, Starbuck's Gingerbread Latte's, and really rainy days.

evergreenknits said...

My two most favorite things in life are maple syrup (grade B) and alpaca yarn (Prime Alpaca). My current infatuations are persimmons, kukicha tea, and tussah silk ... but those are faves that could come and go.

And I've posted about your contest on

Sharon Rose said...

My faves: My husband, fluffy cats, bossy bunnies, English cars that make people go "huh?", Fall leaves, foot rubs, intelligent movies with twists. And yarn!

sjmercure said...

One of my favorite things in the world is to listen to my mother laugh when she's around my children. It's got to be one of the best sounds in the whole world!

KnitaSaur said...

Tea. Love. Yarn. In any and all forms. Duct tape in fun colors and Dragon kabobs. Mmm-mm!

edina said...

A few of my current favorite "material" things:

*chocolate from La Maison du Chocolate (pricey but great for a special occasion; available in the US through their website)
*No-Crack Hand Cream (awesome stuff and doesn't leave much greasy residue; Restoration Hardware carries nice scented versions)
*Alba Organics Coconut Cream Lip Balm
*Clover Kacha-Kacha row counter (perfect for keeping track when knitting pairs of sleeves, sweater fronts, socks, etc)

ADORE Ravelry, of course! What did we ever do without it? :)

monica said...

A few of my favorite things, in no particular order:

Malabrigo worsted
rainy days
20th century French philosophy
my sister
hot chocolate, made with coffee instead of water

This is a lovely contest!

rhonda said...

I absolutely can't wait to try all the favorite things here! Things are good finds like this are so cool find out about. Seriously, I'm going to try them!! I really love a lot of the things you all mentioned - how cool! I also make home made soap - so I'm excited blueturtleknits mentioned Zum bar soaps and Michelle also shared a soap maker site! Homemade originals mentioned Dark Horse Fantasy yarns - I just finished a project using their yarns for the first time - wow! I love that yarn too! And I can't believe Jennsquared works for Schick - how neat!
I really love learning about everyone's great finds/favorite things/worth the expense/or great inexpensive things! Thanks to everyone for linking to this contest and sending your friends. I really am amazed and so gracious!

Dana said...

I like lots of things, but a few that make me really happy right now:

- CSI reruns on Spike. I've seen them all, so now they're comforting background noise while I work on anything that doesn't require full brain power.
- Starbucks. So overpriced, but it reminds me of someone who makes me happy and who I miss, and someone else gave me a gift card for that purpose.
- Tortilla soup at Qdoba.
- Bernat LuLu yarn. I'm making some toys for a small child, and love the results so much that I need something for myself to snuggle.
- Theatre. I've been feeling kind of blah towards it for a while, but this year there are exciting things happening that remind me of why I loved theatre enough to major in it.
- Pretty smells. I don't much care what form they're in (perfume, incense, food, etc.) and there are a lot of different smells I love for different reasons.
- Fridays. My schedules has no Friday classes this semester, YAY!

Turtle said...

Laughing about the dog and your daughter..still breathing?

favorite things:
yarn, a good cup of coffee/tea, my camera, my jeep, a seriously worn vans sweatshirt, hiking (even when it hurts), staying in bed late in the morning with your hubby sleeping next to you while you read, fall, the smell of snow, watching the squirrels, hemp lotion, yankee candles,watching my daughter be herself when she doesn't think anyone is looking(she's 15), raw oysters, taking the ferry into the city and being able to stand outside ... i'm easily appeased.

my blog:

KnitaSaur said...

Dragon Kabobs explained!

purple-power said...

My favorites

a day of peace with my family (my mother is 92 years old and my daughter is 19 and it ain't always easy)

Some beautiful handpainted yarn with subtle shadings of purples

Really good dark chocolate like black and green

Elaine said...

I'll go with a really special yarn (like some cashmere from Posh Yarns) or a hand painted silk or silk blend.

I also love beautiful needles from Lantern Moon.

Oh yeah - and throw in that dark chocolate. The kind that has no calories if someone else gives it to you as a gift. :-)

rhonda said...

Elaine - I'll have to try some Lantern needles - thanks - that's what this contest is all about. And I laughed out loud purple power - about your mother and your daughter (92 and 19) I feel that way about my kids - 6 and 1! LOL. Thanks for stopping by!

rhonda said...

Knitasaur - I'm seriously going to make those dragon kabobs! maybe tonight - thanks for linking to your recipe! turtle - love your blog - I commented there but wanted to let everyone know, yes, the dog is still breathing. well at least as of right now....LOL.

mari said...

Hi! I am Mari and Knitasaur sent me here.
I too ma having a contest over on my site. Come say hi and get a chance for some yarn.

The yarn I am giving away is actually some of my favorite. I love Berroco Ultra Alpaca.
Other favorite things: Miss Vickies Lime and Black Pepper chips (yum)
Christmas decorations ( iwas very sad to take mine down)
Avalon Organics Bath & Shower gel, Rosemary scented
64 pack of Crayola crayons. :)

I am subscribing!


Christy B. said...

Was sent from Evergreen at Wiknits.

Fave things? Lots
A cold Diet Dr Pepper on a hot day
Blowing loud raspberries on my kids' bellies
A really chocolate-y muffin
Finding a difficult geocache
A big belly laugh
Learning a new stitch on the first try
Smelling clean scents like lavender, white tea
Hand-dyed yarn

Thanks for the contest!

Angie said...

Hi there,

I found your site through a knitting group on flickr...some of my favorite things are...

- my puppy dog cuddling up to me
- knitting on the couch while watching Law and Order
- a big glass of good wine (usually while knitting and watching Law and Order)
- pretty yarn
- sunsets because of the pretty colors...they're calming and remind me to slow down and try to enjoy life a bit more.

Oh, and my knitting blog is:
Well, it started as a knitting blog, but I have slowly been delving into spinning and sewing.

ellen said...

Silly, I know, but Nutella is one of my favorite things!! (Spread on an ice cream bar --even better!). And Clinique Happy Heart that scent. Oh--and my grandchildren are the BEST FAVORITE THINGS--but ya just can't get those little precious things ANYWHERE!!

I'll mention you on MY blog--Knit/Pickin' at!!!

Grace Yaskovic said...

My favorite candle is BeanPod candles Earthly Embrace, my favorite yarn is Classic Alpaca from Purely I adore TEA any tea and dark chocolate truffles usually Godiva or Lindt. I love bamboo knitting needles and supporting organizations like BEADS FOR LIFE when I need to make purchases. LOve Your Site!!!

LaVerna said...

I came here by way of Grace at Lovin Comfort knits.
A few of my favorite things are
Knitting!with Mmmmmalabrigo.
The conversations with my kiddos while driving to/from school.
Vanilla Chai Tea Latte.
Cold days watching movies snuggled with my Pekingese-Cookie.
Warm cookies from the oven.
Warm towels from the dryer.
When the leaves change in the autumn.
Snow flakes.
Soaking in a hot bath with lavender bath tea.
The ocean.
British comedy.
My best friend and hubby-B.

Alana - Knit Wit said...

I got here via Grace's blog, and I've had fun reading yours!!

Some of my favorite things are: * My dogs that greet me every day when I get home from school.* When my sweet 75 pound doggie sleeps in my lap * Yankee Candles-Cranberry Chutney is a holiday fave * Starbuck's White Chocolate Mocha * Keen Honey hand cream * Drinking coffee & knitting on my patio in the summer * Lantern Moon and Brittany Birch knitting needles * My remote car starter * Birkenstocks * Wonderful, nice quality yarn * These are some of my favorite things.

My blog is

Eva said...

I wandered over here from the Cocoa Swap site. I was dragging my cursor down the list of partipants, looking at blog names with the mission this morning of reading the blog with the name that intrigued me the most. Coconut Cupcakes? I am SO there!

A few favorite things:

Flowers, all of them -- from vulgar irises to sublime forget-me-nots -- and plenty of them, at that ** Bach cantatas on Sunday mornings with tea and home-baked croissants from Williams-Sonoma (an indulgence, but TOTALLY worth it) ** handmade quilts ** handmade soaps, especially from Lucia Company, latest favorite is Pinot Noir - Fig although they seem to be out of it now: ** fabrics from Liberty of London, now if I would just learn to sew ** Summerdown Chocolate Peppermint Creams -- absolute candy perfection, even the box design is perfectly simple, like the candy ** pomegranates with their arresting jewel-like seeds and the way they play into the myth of Persephone, one that stayed with me more than any other as a child, probably because it scared the hell out of me ** Hazel Knits sock yarns, especially "Chocolatier" -- this one's worth breaking the yarn diet for, ladies ** DHC Lip Cream: odorless, flavorless, just glides on lightly, worn either by itself or under lipstick/gloss ** anytime Gob is on the screen in "Arrested Development" ** and, finally, all pets and the people who care for them, especially the people who make places in their hearts and homes for those who others cast aside.

Wendy said...

Made my way here via Grace. My favorite hand lotion is Queen Heleen's coco butter. I reciently found that they now sell it in a travel size at Target in addition to the large vat size I usually get it in. Both the Honey and I LOVE it!

Angela said...

Here are some of my favorite things:

Dunkin Donuts Milky Way Hot Chocolate

Yankee Candle Midnight Summer Car Air Freshner

Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Skin Lotion with Shea Butter (great for winter dryness on hands and all over)

Knit Picks Harmony Wood DPNs

Boston Market Macaroni & Cheese

Trader Joe's Mint Melange Tea


blogless in NJ said...

These are a few of my favorite things:

Silk yarn.
Beautiful hand-painted yarn
Great (really dark) chocolate
Pistachio nuts
Fresh pineapple
More beautiful hand-painted yarn
Great needles like Lantern Moons (they are soooo sensuous)

Trish said...

Ooooh Contest! Well, let's see,
Favorite Things:
Vitamin Water - especially the Rescue flavor
Snapea Crisps - addictive
Nintendo DS - Fun games! - online addictive games - online shopping experience like no other
Banana anything
Gap Jeans
Clinique Moisturizer
My Niece and Nephew - but you can't have those :)

Rachel O said...

Great handpainted yarn is my ultimate indulgence - especially in purples and blues.

Also, high quality chocolate.

And I love looking at old family photos - remembering happier times.

Jessie said...

OK - I was going to list Hanne Falkenberg kits - they're fabulous and I'm currently knitting Mermaid. I am almost done with the body and need to do about a million miles of i-cord so I figure I HAVE to win - right. It's just meant to be.

One of my other favorite things is winning :-) It hasn't happened yet but there's always a first time!

Dandy said...

Hi.. I came over from "Soapbox"

my favorite things:hmmm....
a good cuppa coffee,
I love using the stitch markers I've received from exchanges,
nice handspun yarn,
and chocolate!!

Dandy said...

Hi.. I came over from "Soapbox"

my favorite things:hmmm....
a good cuppa coffee,
I love using the stitch markers I've received from exchanges,
nice handspun yarn,
and chocolate!!

Lainy said...

I'm a Lainy too! I'm feeling lucky!!

Favorite things:

Beautiful yarn - Posh yarns in the UK are among my favorites.
Purple pens.
Lantern Moon Needles
Beautiful stitch markers
Lindt dark chocolate - at least 70%

Marti Knits in SF said...

What a great idea for gift giving! It certainly cuts out some of the gift shopping frustrations and guessing.

A few of my favorite things:

1. Family calendar that my future in-laws put together every year. It as recent pics of the family, their birthdays, anniversaries and who's hosting what holiday. This year they added my birthday!

2. Cones of Cotton by Peaches n' Creme or Sugar n' Cream (Potpourri Print is my fav). I can get them on sale and they are great for my dishcloth addictions and chairty knitting projects.

3. WeightWatcher's Sourdough Pretzel Thins. They satisfy my cruncy and salty fix and keep me on track.

4. Home grown vine ripened tomatoes with a dash of cracked pepper and sea salt.

5. Clinique Turn Around Moisturizer. Don't end the day or start the day without it.

6. St. Yves Apricot Scrub - love this in the shower especially after a long day or a sweaty workout.

7. My new Lantern Moon Needles - they feel awesome in my hand can't wait to get more!

8. Sea Salt Caramels -

9. Chocolate Silk Soy milk, frozen banana, strawberry fat free yogurt, a few ice cubes, blend to smoothie.

10. Aveeno Lavendar Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion

monica said...

Favorite things: hearing my kids laugh, I loved their little baby laughs and now I love their teenage laughs.

Soft yarn, alpaca, cashmere yummy

I love the smell of lemons and oranges.

And I really love dark chocolate

But I really , really love my hubby, I would have to say he is my favorite thing.

Monica Knits at

noricum said...

My favourite thing at Christmas is finding the perfect present for someone, and then watching them open it. Yeah, that's not something you can google. ;)

Well, how about single-source dark chocolate? (One I found that I loved is Santander Jet.) They have such unique flavours.

I can't remember how I found your blog... sorry.

kasiaiscarly said...

Hi there! I just clicked to you trying to find my cocoa swap partner. I live in Portsmouth :) You can link to my blog from my profile. My favorite things are my copper Mauviel pots & pans. On the more affordable level, I think I'd say my favorite thing is York Peppermint patties. . . .kind of lame, i know, but sooo good and not bad for you!!

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